Trumpets & Trophies: Listen to Drake’s Triumphant Sounding New Single Here!


While he was on his highly successful Would You Like A Tour, Drake decided to play a song supposedly called “Trophies” at one of the shows in October. Soon enough, shaky camera phone clips started surfacing of this mysterious song and the internet started clamoring, waiting patiently for it to drop.

After a few months, that “patient” waiting turned into madness and there were reports of people not sleeping for days in anticipation of the record to drop. Drake even seemed wary of this himself:

Well, all that waiting came to end last night, as Drake’s camp OVO, finally liberated the song on their Soundcloud. Comprised of an infectious horn sample and an unfuckwittable bravado from Toronto’s boy, we can see this being in rotation throughout the winter.

Do you think 2013 was Drake’s best year as an artist? Let us know in the comments.

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