[NEW VIDEO] Watch Drake’s Dad Shine In His New Video For “Worst Behavior”

Drake’s new warm-toned, nostalgic video for his track “Worst Behavior” features a prominent cameo from his father (and his epic mustache), who you first see singing soulful blues with his band in a vintage recording studio in an extended introduction. He goes on to lip-sync Drake’s lyrics while dressed as pimp, and it’s absolutely hilarious. It’s refreshing to see Drake take himself a little less seriously, especially in the current milieu of hip hop artists thinking they’re god’s gift to humanity. While the video may be a little skit-heavy for our taste, the song is a banger and, once the actual video kicks in, there are a slew of entertaining moments that may get a chuckle or two out of you.

We’re proud of how far Drake has come since his days of modeling for LRG. Get yours on now: 


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