Drake Gets Betrayed By Fan Who Sells His Shoes On Ebay For A $100K


A little back story on these shoes. Drake was given the Ambassadorship to the Rap World by Nike and they made an exclusive, crispy pair of Air Jordan Retro 10s for him. He then took the unreleased sample pair to a Toronto Raptors game (since he is their Global Ambassador, as well) and gave it to a spectator, out the kindness of his own heart. As a sign of thanks, she turned around and put the shoes on Ebay in attempt to get that Cash Money. How could you be so heartless?

According to the auction, the shoes are currently sitting at $100k, with a 154 bids and 4 more days left. If these shoes go for over $200k, we want to meet the person who bought them and try to understand what exactly what was going on in their head when they clicked “Submit Bid.”

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  1. Derrick Akeem

    January 14, 2014 at 7:14 pm

    Jeeez, this is a poorly poised article, give the girl a break! If you watched the video of Drake giving out the shoes you would’ve clearly heard Drake tell the girl that the shoes wouldn’t fit her being that they were a size 11. What else is she to do other then sell them? And godaaaamn y’all acting like y’all wouldn’t have done the same shit. Don’t be so quick to judge smh

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