How To Dress Like Courtney Love [Style Guide]


Breaking News: Courtney Love is back. Or at least she wants to be. The grunge icon opened up to Fashion Magazine and claims to be staging a comeback. While we’re still hoping for the glorious, eminent, and bronze return of Lindsey Lohan as a legitimate star, Courtney Love is really the next best thing. If Britney can return to her rightful place on the throne of Pop than so can Love to her respective genre.

Say what you want about her addiction problems, music, and generally bizarre antics, Miss Love is an undeniable style icon. Scroll through Tumblr and search for “#Courtney” and it’s evident: Love’s impact on girls with active fashion blogs is still significant today. When asked about her iconic look, Love says, “There was no contrivance … it was what I found and was my look. It was utilitarian, I could pack fast, and I was extremely, extremely picky about the dresses and shoes and little plastic tiaras and barrettes I wore.”  So that’s where the look du jour came from: a young rocker chick just trying to ease her luggage weight.

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