DRESS LIKE: Jhene Aiko


Even though [emuze]Jhene Aiko [/emuze]isn’t Lil Fizz’s actual cousin, we still love her. And why do we love her, because this LA-native singer/songwriter knows how to croon AND how to throw together an ensemble! We’d listen to this sultry¬†PBR&B¬†songstress any day of the week. And we’ll definitely be taking some hints from her in the personal-style department.

Jhene keeps things feminine with a street style edge that is all her own. She wears signature pieces, expertly styled. Try your hand at copping one of Jhene’s signature looks with these similar styles.



If you like Jhene’s take on the fashion-dashiki, go with this great minimalist 10 Deep dashiki in white.



If you’re feeling her bombshell beach bomber jacket, check out this amazing floral bomber from Obey:



If you’re cruisin’ on her full head to toe Crooks & Castles steez, check out these fresh Crooks printed leggings:


Happy hunting!

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