Dress Like: The Montague Gang in the 90’s Romeo + Juliet

The gang in action.  In Italian.  It was the only clip we could find.

If you haven’t seen the 1996 Romeo + Juliet, you are missing out on one of the most swag-filled films of the 90’s.  Directed by Baz Luhrnmann, who’s also behind the Jay-Z scored 3D epic Great Gatsby, Romeo + Juliet married classic Shakespearean dialogue with a contemporary soundtrack and fresh to death styling. The two warring clans pit the Hawaiian shirt wearing punk Montagues against the leather clad Hispanic Capulets in fictional Verona Beach, complete with custom cars- and weaponry.


If you dated a girl in the 90’s, or your babysitter went to Lollapalooza, you’ve definitely made out to this soundtrack (we know all of our readers are so cool they made out with their babysitters.) Aside from the music however, Romeo + Juliet was famous for being a real “visual tour-de-force,” in movie guy speak.  You could think of it as a Shakespearean “Belly.”  And in this heavily stylized world, the clothing was swagged out to the max.


The Montague boys definitely had the  best look. The topless yellow whip matched the bright colors of their all over patterned shirts, shorts, and dyed hair.  Rolling with a young Leo DiCaprio, the Montagues were known for getting #turnt at the beach, crashing parties, and stealing the rival Capulet’s dimepiece Julia. While the Capulets did roll with John Leguizamo and looked tough in all black, we think the Montagues definitely won the style battle.  Don’t let Montague’s color palette fool you either, they were G’d up from the street up.


Hawaiian and bright patterned shirts are right on trend this summer and Karmaloop has a huge selection just delivered this week.  So grab a few, get some hair dye, and mob to the beach with your boys to find your own Juliets.  Just keep the sword fights with your rivals to the minimum. Tip:  If you see some Capulets, do not bite your thumb at them.  Apparently this was a big diss back in Shakespeare’s time.


This Huf shirt (Huf Souvenir SS Buttondown)  is dead-on Montague gang.  Reminds us of the big bald dude’s shirt.


matix shirt atomic hawaiian hawaiin shirt

Unbutton this Matix Shirt The Atomic Hawaiian Button Down for that beach gang look.


vans casual friday shirt vans shirt

Another perfect bright surf pattern for Verona Beach on this Vans The Casual Friday Aloha Buttondown Shirt in Surf Turkey.


LRG Tank Top Hawaiin Tank Top

If you don’t quite have the six pack ready for unbuttoned shirts, this LRG Hawaiian Safari Tank will still do the job.


Obey Hoodie Obey Aloha Hoodie

Another Hawaiian – err, Montague – inspired pattern on this Obey Hoodie Aloha Pullover.


HUF bucket hat floral

The Montague boys didn’t really wear hats, but if they did this Huf  Hat Souvenir Bucket would be the one.



If you want to go all the way like homie in the front seat, we even have a pink hair dye kit for you, on sale!

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