Dress Like The Pro Era In The Newest LRG [Style Guide]

As we get ready to premiere the 47 Piiirates video, featuring the late Capital Steez, it’s only right we put you on to the ways of The Pro Era. As one of the most dynamic hip hop crews the east coast has seen in years, The Pros have cemented their spot in the game with razor sharp flows and ’90s boombap flavor. Featuring members Joey Bada$$, CJ Fly, Dirty Sanchez are more, the Pros have a roster deeper than the ’96 Chicago Bulls. 

After spending months working with the Pros on the 47 Piiirates video, we developed a pretty good idea of their favorite brands, styles and how they like to dress. Check out our Dress Like The Pro Era Style Guide below and gear up for the holidays. 

1. Fields of Green Jacket


2. Kente Pocket Tee


3. Camo Cargo Pants


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