Gift Guide: Help Your Lil Cousin Dress Like A Rapper [Obey]


From the title of this post alone, you know exactly who this Gift Guide is for. We all have that one younger cousin/nephew/godson who just discovered J. Cole‘s music this year and now is determined to become a major rapper. And though we know that it will never actually happen, we don’t have the heart to tell our little buddy.

Now, we aren’t big on the idea of our cousin looking up to Gucci Mane, Juicy Jand the like. We figure it’s probably safe to give him a little ammunition for his dreams. This holiday, instead of giving him an ugly sweater that he will never wear, hit him off with some fresh new gear from Obey and give him a leg up on his budding “career” move.

Get your cousin ready to be a rapper in less than an hour with these new pieces from Obey

1. Obey Varsity in Black and Grey

Name one rapper without a fresh varsity jacket. Hint: there are none.

2. Obey Dover Beanie

If you watched 8 Mile, you know how much Eminem loves beanies.

3. Obey Dissent Recon Pants 

Camo pants have been a staple item in rap since Nas stormed onto the scene in 1993.

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