How To Dress Like A REAL World Cup Soccer Fan [STYLE GUIDE]


If you’re a footie fanatic, you’re already pumped for World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Soccer might not be America’s #1 sport, but it’s a  hard hitter world-wide, and we’re definitely fans over at KL. Supporters of football, baseball and hockey tend to “ball out” during their sport’s season, and are likely going to be seen repping their favorite players on a variety of athletic style jerseys.

Soccer fans can rock a jersey as well, but you may be wondering how to dress like a team-player without having to go full-on game ready. Here are some ideas featuring the latest drops from our Karmaloop athletic summer collection.

1. Team USA 


Featuring Kite Joggers, HUF Bucket Hat and Matix Henley

2. Team Mexico 


Featuring The adidas Daydead Tee, Red Vans Sneaker, White  Kite Joggers and a beaded GoodWood Bracelet for luck.

3. Team Brazil 


Featuring a RVCA snapback, Altamont Wavy Buttondown, All Day Jogger Chinos and The adidas Rod Laver Sneaker.

Who do you have winning it all? Let us know in the comments!

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