DRESS LIKE: Rihanna’s Boy London Historical Punk Tribute

Boy London Ad

By @Melizards

The iconic Boy London logo can be seen all over the streets these days, with celebrities like [emuze]Rihanna[/emuze], [emuze]Chloe Sevigny[/emuze] and [emuze]Nicki Minaj[/emuze] sporting the designs. Despite the brand’s recent resurgence of popularity, many people don’t know about the brands extensive history and punk roots. The company was founded by designer Stephan Raynor in 1976 and came to be a brand associated with punk style and rebellion through the 70s and 80s. Tee-shirts and hats emblazoned with the bold “BOY” logo were essential items in an 80s punk rock wardrobe and outfitted classic punk bands like the [emuze]Sex Pistols[/emuze]. Even Andy Warhol and [emuze]Madonna[/emuze] wore Boy London, and [emuze]Elton John[/emuze] created a line of watches for the company.

As the scene in the U.K. made a transition from punk to rave, so did the brand. By the late 80s Raynor was designing lines for Boy London adorned with smiley faces and tributes to acid house, a style of dance music. The colorful designs got so popular that it became one of the most copied labels around, to such an extent that Raynor effectively lost control of the brand and it fizzled out. In 2010 Raynor relaunched the Boy London brand, which has found it’s place back into edgy subcultures just like back in the day. Snag yourself a piece of history with Karmaloop’s selection of Boy London comeback items.

Rihanna Boy London

Boy London Karmaloop

Brandy and Monica sang “The Boy is Mine,” and now the Boy can be yours too. Get Rihanna’s look with this adorable outfit from Boy London that features their signature eagle logo all over. Shop The Flare Skirt by Boy London and The Standard Allover Eagle Sweatshirt by Boy London.

chloe x andy boy london

[emuze]Chloe Sevigny[/emuze] and Andy Warhol wearing Boy London.

A rather bizarre Boy London advertisement from the 1980s.


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