Staff Selects: Look Chill While You’re On Vacation


The basic attitude while you’re on vacation is, idontgiveafuck. But just because you don’t want to give a fuck, it doesn’t mean you don’t wanna look fresh. You never know who may be checking you out…aka everyone. Here are the necessities:

Hawaiian/Floral Shirts:

What do Pharell Williams, Jared Leto and Elvis all have in common? They know how to relax and look good doing it in exotic prints. Don’t fret, Panama Jack isn’t your only option. (Those things are cut wider than a diaphanous kaftan for Roseanne Barr) If you’re looking for an updated Hawaiian shirt offering, check out these options:





A. The Insight Going Nowhere Buttondown, B. The Staple Bondi Tank,  C. The Matix Atomic Hawaiian Buttondown

Bucket Hats

While bucket hats may have left the scene for a minute, they’re back and better than ever.





A. The Vans Vandana Bucket Hat, B. The HUF Waikiki Bucket Hat, C. The RockSmith Great Wave Bucket Hat

Throwin’ Shade

Trust that you’re not gonna get through any summertime vacation without a really good pair of sunglasses, and those Kanye shades you bought as a joke aren’t going to cut it.


A. The Flat Top Ciccio Sunglasses from Super, B. The Eugene Sunglasses from Shwood Eyewear, C. The Glassy Leonard Sunglasses

Sorry we don’t sell booze and sunblock!

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