E-40 Can Drink A LOT And Other Random Rap Facts You Need To Know


Reading about rap facts is like watching Breaking Bad on Netflix..once you start, you never want to stop. The good folks over at 2DopeBoyz did a compilation of some of the wildest sh*t we’ve heard in a minute so we just had to share. It starts with the origins of Bay Area superstar E-40‘s name: supposedly, he got his name from being able to guzzle over five(!) 40ozs a day. That’s over 200 ounces of dat Olde English!

Get comfy as we hit y’all with some other notable ones, and head over to 2DopeBoyz to check the rest of ’em.

1. Sauce Money (a rapper loosely affiliated with Jay-Z) wrote Puff’s “I’ll Be Missing You.”

For a song that was dedicated to his slain homie, B.I.G., you would figure that Puff would try to pick up the pen for once. Nope.

2. Pharcyde appear in Michael Jackson‘s “Remember the Time.”

Wait, really? Thats bizzare..

3. Redman used to work at a Sizzler’s before becoming who he is today.

Don’t know why we found this so funny, but LOL!

4. Debi Mazar (who portrayed Shauna Roberts on Entourage) was a b-girl in the 80s (appears in multiple Madonna music videos as well).

We always thought Debi was kinda cute and it’s good to know she can dance too.

5. Ja Rule is an acronym for ‘Jeff Atkins Represents Unconditional Love’s Existence’ 

Yes. Now we can finally rest, knowing all is right in this world. Remember that time Karmaloop  got #FINDJARULE to trend on Twitter for two days?

Read the rest of the facts over at 2DopeBoyz now, and if you like sex, drugs and rap, then Diamond Supply has a little bit of everything for you. 



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