A True OG In The Karmaloop Studio, E-40 Visits The Breakfast Club

One of the true OGs of hip-hop, E-40, came through the Karmaloop studio this morning to talk with the good folks over at the The Breakfast Club about the release of his 21st (!) album next Tuesday, his beef with Biggie back in the day, Kanye‘s recent rants, how pirating and technology have changed the game, and a host of other topics. The highlight of the interview comes when E-40 discusses all the wack liquor he drank back in the day. Homie would go into a liquor store and get the dustiest, wildest bottle he could find just for the fun of it. Obviously an expert on all things drank, he’s even released his own wine. Unsurprisingly, E-40 stacked it with an 18% alcohol concentration. Pace yourself, friends.

It’s hard to overstate E-40’s influence on hip-hop and urban culture. Dozens of phrases and slang he coined are mainstays in the urban lexicon. It’s a safe bet that Urban Dictionary wouldn’t exist without him. You’ve probably used a least a few today. Let’s review a few of the best and most prevalent:

1. Fo’ Shizzle

Not to be confused with Pho Shizzle.

2. You Feel Me

Timeless. When do you actually ever feel someone? Creeps need not answer.

3. Captain Save a Hoe

Reserved for your homie that falls for a girl, drops stacks on her, and exclusively eats the box. Example: “Yo Roy, why you keep buying that hoe flowers? You a certified Captain Save a Hoe.”

4. Po-Po

Po-Po is right up there with 5-0 and pigs as the best slang for police, used all the way from high school parties in suburban America to hustlers on the block.

5. Pimp Soup/Pimptation/Pimperoni/Pimpalufagus 

The four of these are ranked in terms of how pimpin you are at the given moment. Obviously, pimpalufagus is most pimpin,

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