We Gave Emilio A $100 Gift Code In Our New Vine Competition… And There’s More To Come


Listen, we don’t blame you. This Vine thing came out of nowhere–the revolutionary, artistic video app exploded onto the scene, catching even tech-heads off guard.

But it’s time to get on it. Karmaloop is launching a new weekly InstaVid/Vine competition called #GUESSWUT.

Here’s how it works: We make a vine of a product we carry. You find the product on Karmaloop.com, click ‘add to cart,’ and make a vine of the whole process. Sound complicated? We promise you, it’s not. Emilio, a young brain surgeon from Palo Alto, California (just kidding we don’t really know who he/she is), saw this vine:

Then he found the product on karmaloop and made this vine:

And then, just like that, we sent him a giftcode for $100? YES! Don’t be jealous, though… you’ll get another chance to win next Wednesday! So stay tuned.

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