Controversy Surrounds Eminem’s New Battle Rap Show Before It Even Comes Out

The only way to keep something a secret is to never tell anyone at all. Well, it looks like Jack Thriller never heard that rule.

Mr Thriller foolishly hopped on Instagram late last night and spilled the beans about a supposed new Battle Rap show that Eminem is trying to launch. He posted a photo of him and Em together, claiming that the rap god had picked him to be the Host of his this reportedly new Battle Rap Show. Though he deleted his post soon after, the damage was done. Did he forget that people instantly screenshot things like these and send them around?


The plot thickened when Em’s righthand man, Royce Da 5’9″, jumped on Twitter to speak his mind.

What are the chances that Jack Thriller is pissing his pants right now? Are these Battle Rap Show rumors even real? Will this egg make an appearance on the show against a few sizzling strips of bacon? Stay tuned to GURU as this story develops.

Rap music is bad for your health!



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