Eminem Refuses To Die, Comes Back With Survival Video

Eminem is back, shaking off the corporate cobwebs to drop his video for “Survival.” The song sounds like the late-career Eminem we’ve gotten used to, with an arena-rock beat made with huge distorted guitars and drums, and an anthem of a hook delivered by Liz Rodrigues.

Eminem still has a great voice and competent flow, but honestly… this song feels a little stale. “Survival” is way off from the push-the-envelope attitude and intricate lyricism that makes Eminem one of the greatest ever.

“This is survival of the fittest/This is do or die/This is the winner takes it all/So take it all”

We love you Em, but we know you can do better.

But why should Eminem challenge himself at this point, with acting and endorsement offers piling up? We can deal with Eminem dropping radio-friendly fodder every few years, but man… does it leave us reminiscing over the Eminem that used to be.

Does this song have you reminiscing about the good ole’ days of rap music? Reminisce no more:

Ice Cube Gangsta Rap


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