Ever Wonder What Beyonce Wears To Sleep Every Night? [Holiday Gift Guides]

It’s the holidays, and that means that you are buying shit whether you like it or not. It’s always a little harder than it seems, and while giving feels pretty damn good, sometimes you just with your stupid loved ones would tell you exactly what the fuck they want. But if they did, it wouldn’t be Christmas, and so every year you must suffer. That ends here.


Join us as we guide you through the ideal gifts for everyone in your life, items that will cause the receiver’s heart to swell and burst with love and rainbows, which will splatter all over your smiling face as you revel in your victory. Ignore that part where they hand you a shitty, thoughtless gift in return because they haven’t been watching Karmaloop TV‘s Holiday Gift Guides.

Here are the first two for the season featuring perennial brown Santa, Sameermon, and our newest toy, Gitoo Coochie Frito.


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