Every Outkast Song Ever Remixed Into a Lobster-in-the-Club Anthem

Like all good stories, this one starts with a spooky mystery.  One day on Soundcloud a track appeared with the letter “Z” slashed across the screen with a sword.  Who is this mysterious producer known only as “Z,” and how did they combine every hit Outkast song ever into one smooth, deep house dancethem? (Editor’s note:  I just invented the word “dancethem.” Its a portmanteau of “dance” and “anthem,” and I own it.

Z’s “Moves Like Ms. Jackson” is a diamond-slick, falsetto-sung cover of Outkast’s “I Like the Way You Move,” “Sorry Ms. Jackson,” “and “So Fresh and So Clean” skillfully crafted into a late night hit for the club.  We’re not talking about the #EDM #turnup dubstep kind of hit.  We’re talking about the kind of hit you listen to while you drink champagne in a white suit dancing with Russian models and eating lobster with an American Psycho haircut.  Yes lobsters have haircuts, and yes people eat lobster in the club.  In fact, I usually bring my own lobster to the club and boil it in the toilet using a stinger I made in jail, but that’s a different story altogether.

Ultimately a few questions remain… Who is “Z?”  How did “Z” successfully combine all of these songs and make it sound good?  Is that “Z” singing?  Should lobsters be allowed in clubs?  And why did Andre 3000 make Ms. Jackson’s daughter cry?  There’s some things that may never be answered, but till then, keep it classy.

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