STYLE GUIDE: Get Your Stoner Style Ready For The Super Bowl


Hey guys, are you heading out to the Superbowl this weekend? Or are you too cool for New Jersey like me and you’re watching it from one of your rich friend’s couch instead?

Whether your freezing your ass off at the stadium ,or warming it down at a sports bar — the most important thing is what your wearing, right? Here’s a fun fact about this year’s Superbowl that might be able to help you with all your outfit woes: Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks are the first two states to legalize pot this year, so what better time to revamp your “stoner boy” style?!  Now that 4/20 isn’t the only time for a celebration, this Superbowl weekend will mark the start of your Cannabis career!

So hurry up if you’re trying to feel like Snoop Dogg/Lion/Cheetah on Sunday.  Don’t puff puff pass out on all these dope deals and make sure your tailored in THC for the tailgate!

Sorry guys, for some reason Im really good at smoking puns…

-Words by @GITOO

1. Elwood Weed 96 Tee 



2. ICUP Vivid Leaf Koozie



3. Grenco Science G Pen Battery 


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