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Start Wearing Purple [STYLE GUIDE]


Purple isn’t an easy color to rock often. However, throwing some in every now and then can considerably freshen up your wardrobe. We aren’t advocating the all-purple look like a Teletubby or a past-era pimp. Rather, add a few splashes here and there to show people you know what’s good. And, if you’re a Knicks, Vikings or Lakers fan, chances are you already have some purple in your closet and could use a few accessories.

Get your purple swag on A$AP Rocky levels with this style guide right here.

1. New Balance High Roller 574

You can’t even act like these wouldn’t look dope when paired with a Raptors warmup jacket from Mitchell & Ness, or something similar. These are bold enough to make a statement, but still classic in a New Balance type of way.


2. Magnum Grape Socks  


What could be wavier than purple camo? That was a rhetorical question. The answer is nothing.

3. Mishka Keep Watch Hat

Fitted caps are back. Mishka’s iconic “all-seeing eye” logo is hard to miss, and this is is a perfect compliment to those New Balance kicks above. Get fresh.


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