EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Bone Thugs N Harmony Self Style Themselves Karmaloop


Bizzy Bone reflects in the Karmaloop studio, shirt by Black Scale.

During their recent visit to perform at Karmaloop’s offices in Boston, our photographer Billy Fischer snapped some serious flicks of the legendary rappers Bone Thugs ‘n Harmony. Known throughout the 90’s for their unique style, the group still knows how to look fresh.

“We laid out some gear from Black Scale, Tavik, Hurley, Play Cloths, Staple, and NEFF shades and let the guys style themselves,” says Fischer. “Bizzy Bone went crazy with the gear, calling dibs on items and mixing and matching accessories. He lived up to his rep as the most fashion oriented of the group, and was the most fun to shoot as well, talking hilarious shit and cracking us all up.”

“I knew Bizzy would have the right style consciousness for the shoot as soon as he walked in wearing some Oreo Jordan 5’s,” continues Fisher. “He immediately started picking out clothes to match his kicks.”

Bone Thugs n Harmony visited Karmaloop for two days in December, performing live and greeting all of their fans from the company.  “It was an insane opportunity to work with artists I grew up listening to,” Fischer reflected. “It was humbling. Humbling and surreal.”


Krayzie Bone wears Tavik and Neff shades.


(Left to Right) Bizzy rocks Black Scale, Krayzie wears Hurley and Staple, and Flesh wears Play Cloths


Bizzy in Black Scale.


Flesh takes a smoke break in Play Cloths.

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