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New Spongebob Ice Cream Flavors Exclusively On Karmaloop

Pharrell’s instincts are super on point when it comes to music, fashion and life (probably). If you didn’t know, Ice Cream is one of two clothing lines established by Pharrell and Nigo (founder of BAPE) in 2005.

Spongebob is one of those shows that is destined to stay relevant for decades–he’s become an archetype. Karmaloop is proud to be the official and ONLY online retailer of the Spongebob Collaborations w/ Ice Cream, Comune, Mishka and Flud (Our Dear Leader Greg may have had to call in a couple favors).

As with most dope things in this world, this shit is scarce. Limited supply is an understatement. If you happen to be NYC or Tokyo, you could try your luck swinging by a BBC store. If you’re not, never worry:


Be the first one in your ‘hood to get your hands on some fresh Spongebob gear, yo.¬†

 Warning: Wearing fly Ice Cream x Spongebob gear has many side effects. One of them is delusion:



And, we out.

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