Face The Storm With Swag Part 2 [STYLE GUIDE]


A couple days back, we hit y’all with part one of our Face The Storm With Swag Style Guide and figured you had a couple days to get your gear together before the weather got bad. Well, we were wrong. Good ol’ Winter Storm Dion decided to cruise through the East Coast yesterday, snowing in thousands and making life miserable all around.

Since we don’t want you out in this cold world without a blanket, we decided to put together a massive guide to surviving this storm in style. Click here to check out the Karmaloop Guide To Surviving Winter Storm Dion.

Here are our 3 favorite items from the Karmaloop Guide

1. Two Angle Wain Jacket

This just looks warm.

2. Ain’t Nobody Cool Ski Mask



3. MKL Accessories Glow Middle Finger Gloves  


Here’s how we feel about snow.

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