Fellas, It’s Time To Upgrade Yourself. Start With Your Wallet [Style Guide]


If you’re still holding onto that raggedy wallet from way back when, it might be time for an upgrade. Though a lot of us aren’t carrying traditional wallets anymore, and have opted for card pouches or money clips, have something is essential. And it has to look decent, because how are you expecting to bag the girl of your dreams with a wallet made of duct tape?

We rounded up some of the cleanest looks on Karmaloop and put them together here for you because we know you’re busy. Thank us later. Scroll through and find the one.

1. Reason – Greenwich St. Card Holder Karmaloop-widget-reason-greenwich


Inspired by the trendy area of New York City, the only thing that can make this wallet look better is a stack of hunnids inside of it.

2. Publish – Delmar Wallet 


Do you skate, bike or move around a lot? Yeah, then this one is for you. Rugged and stylish, all in one.

3. Obey Detour Wallet


Classic with a little dash of flashiness. How could you go wrong?

4. Herschel Supply Co – The Charlie Cardholder 


Love at first sight. At least that’s how we felt.

5. Walart – Totally Dope Wallet



Yeah, the cops might keep you longer over this one but it will DEFINITELY be worth it. All for under $11.

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