That was not a smooth fall.           vs.           That was a smooth fall.

A year ago, people could not stop talking about A$AP Rocky. Long Live Rocky, his debut, stayed #1 on the hip hop charts for weeks. Other rappers started pitch shifting their voice down three octaves and spitting faded lyrics over slowed down cuts. A$AP Ferg, on the other hand, wasn’t on anyone’s radar. Yet. But things change, and they change fast. These days, you can’t walk three blocks without hearing something Ferg-related. Whether it’s the Trap Lord shrine recently erected in LES or his video for “Shabba Ranks,” homie is all over the place. Rocky has reached a new echelon of fame, but let’s hope that it doesn’t have him slipping…

Or literally falling over! The above was captured at Trillectro yesterday in DC. Compare that with possibly the slickest move ever executed on stage, where Ferg recovers like the true fucking champ that he his:

Is the #TrapLord is about to take over??

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