Denim Jackets Are The Waviest Thing You Can Own [Festival Style Guide]

010-kl-festival-guide-grantAh, the denim jacket. Probably the most versatile piece of outerwear you can own since it looks good with just about..everything. Originally a staple of American workwear culture, denim has transformed to be a ubiquitous part of streetwear.

Whether you dress it up with a buttondown or down with a v-neck, you can easily switch your looks up throughout the day without seeming like a diva. Look around the next time you go to an event, you’ll see rappers, skaters, hipsters, mobsters, and punk rockers all enjoying their denim jackets. Whether it’s from Levis, 10 Deep, or Born Fly, find your swag and hit your dougie at the next festival.


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