Which Type of #FESTY Kid Are You? The “Go With the Flow” [Festival Style Guide]


Tropical creepers.  Never thought we’d see those, but T.U.K.’s Mondo Sole Creeper in Tropical Print is it.

Summer’s almost here and that means it’s festival season, or #festy season for short (we still laugh every time we say #festy.)   You know the lifestyle- road trip adventures, sleepless weekends of dancing in the mud, and catching every band and DJ you wanted to see all year in one weekend.  The #festy brings everyone together no matter what clique you’re in, from #trill to #plur, and Karmaloop’s Festival Style Guide   covers them all.  Yes, we even have YOUR style covered.  Don’t front, we saw you in the crowd holding your lighter in the air during a particularly magical #festy moment.  We felt it too bro, we felt it too.



Zanerobe joggers are really “running it” this #festy season!  Damn we’re good! Check the Sureshot Chino in Palm.  Yes, in Palm.

This week’s chosen festival style is the “Go With the Flow.”  Nature patterns and drapey clothing give you that connected-with-nature look, a true #festy classic.



This Reverse Leopard Print Twist Back kimono helps you stand out, beat the sun, and beat the chill.

Ladies, wearing a kimono can shield you from the sun’s rays during the day, and keep you warm through the encores in the night chill.  A versatile garment with bright patterns, it’s beauty is captured best when the wearer spins in rhythm with a jam band guitar solo.  The kimono also signifies that the wearer is a #festy veteran- items like this have been worn since the Grateful Dead days, and it connects the #festy goer to all of the #festy goers who have partied before them.



Flow like the ocean with this #seapunk inspired This is a Love Song Shell Top and Pacific Shorts.  Very chill.

#Seapunk is never dead, it just disappears every winter when it’s too cold to go to the beach!  With this shell top and sea patterned shorts, our mother ocean is never far, so you can stay going with the flow.  Check out our full gallery and Karmaloop.com, and keep your eye out for more #festy looks here on KLX.


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