The First Ladies Of Married To The Mob Take Over The Streets In The Latest KarmaloopTV Style Short

Nowadays, the phrase “turned up” gets thrown around more than dough at a pizza shop. With everybody thinking they know how to the right way to get active, it’s about time that someone came through and showed them the right way. In our newest style short, we had the ladies of Married To The Mob show us the proper way to enjoy a night in NYC without having to go overboard with the bottle service, limousines, and high heels.

Started by Leah Mcsweeney after she won a settlement with the NYPD, MTTB has expanded to many corners of the globe, most infamous for their “Supreme Bitch” tees that can be seen on everyone from teens to 80-yr old grandmas. Never known for playing it safe, the first ladies of the Mob hit the side of New York you won’t see in travel brochures, getting their hands dirty and tearing up the city in the process. Taking no prisoners, they hit up Budget trucks, police officers and random strangers along their joyride. Rocking choice pieces from the Spring 2014 MTTB Collection, including the exclusive 40oz Van collaboration, these ladies give us all a clinic on what the real definition of turned upĀ is.

Click play to watch it all go down and then click below to shop the latest looks from Married To The Mob on Karmaloop right in time for the summer.


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