Four Reasons Lil’ Wayne Is Still Killing It [GURU Bootleg]


Some say Weezy’s washed up. The industry vet has proven them wrong yet again with the much-anticipated latest installment of the Dedication series. Here are four reasons everyone who say’s Wayne’s over the hill is dead wrong:

1. Dedication 5 is available for free download.

Any artist still trying to sell their music to consumers needs to have their head examined. It’s 2013. Music is like air–abundant and free. Wayne knows this, Jay knows this, Ye knows this.

2. He still takes risks.

Mad freestyles, hilarious skits, and beats with zero drums are just a few of the tools Wayne uses to set himself apart from the pack. No drums? Straight BEGGING for the GURU bootleg treatment:

3. His collabo-game is slick.

Choosing who you have on your project is a tricky beast. You need a delicate balance of young, lesser-known talent and older, weighty names. Wayne pulls that off with features from The Weeknd, Chance the Rapper, Euro on one hand, and Birdman, T.I., and Mack Maine on the other.

4. He’s still a beast.

29 tracks is no joke. These days, no one releases albums longer than 45 minutes, which makes this is essentially two albums worth of original material. While it has been a while since we’ve heard from Wayne, it’s refreshing to have such a prolific voice in the game.

Early last year, we partied with Wayne to celebrate his collaboration with TRUKFIT:

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