FlyLo’s New Grand Theft Auto Radio Station Tracklist Will Make Your Head Explode [GURU Bootleg]

Pretty trippy.

Some say Flying Lotus single-handedly brought IDM (intelligent dance music) to the US. We’re not sure about that, but we do know that without him, we would have never seen the L.A. beat scene that is currently flourishing and influencing production scenes worldwide. Now we hear that the Brainfeeder label owner will have his own radio station on the new Grand Theft Auto game set to come out later this year.

Before we saw the tracklist below, it was a gray, overcast day in New York. As soon as we saw the names Outkast, Clams, Hudmo, Tyler, Machinedrum, Thundercat, and Aphex Twin in the same list, the clouds parted, the sun came out, and we all rejoiced in the light. Then we made a mash-up inspired by the news.

Peep the FlyLo FM tracklist and don’t tell me you’re not PUMPED:

Flying Lotus feat. Niki Randa – ‘Getting There’
Clams Casino – ‘Crystals’
Flying Lotus – ‘Crosswerved’
Flying Lotus – ‘Be Spin’
Flying Lotus – ‘See Thru to U’
Flying Lotus – ‘The Diddler’
Flying Lotus – ‘Computer Face Rmx’
Hudson Mohawke – ’100hm’
Flying Lotus feat. Niki Randa – ‘The Kill’
Tyler, the Creator – ‘Garbage’
Outkast – ‘Elevators (Me & You)’
Captain Murphy – ‘Evil Grin’
Flying Lotus – ‘Catapult Man’
Dabrye – ‘Encoded Flow’
Machinedrum – ‘She Died There’
DJ Rashad – ‘It’s Wack’
Thundercat – ‘Oh Sheit It’s X’
Flying Lotus – ‘Stonecutters’
Shadow Child – ’23′
Kingdom – ‘Stalker Ha’
Aphex Twin – ‘Windowlicker’

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