Footwork: Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner

Who can say they’ve really invented something? Or made a process better? Have you ever complained about a product (or lack of one) and then went out and actually did something about it? Of course you haven’t.

Well Jason Markk did.

With a life long passion for sneakers, Jason struggled with the lack of proper sneaker-cleaning options that fit today’s kick enthusiast. So he did something about it.  Developed with all natural soaps derived from coconut and jojoba oils, this premium shoe solution won’t destroy delicate materials or get your dog sick.  It’s truly a miracle in a bottle.

So grow up and stop using baby wipes on your Lebron “South Beaches”.

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Q&A with Jason Markk:

Twitter handle: @jason_markk

1 – What is the oddest thing you’ve heard someone was trying to clean off his or her sneakers with your premium shoe cleaner solution? 

I’ve seen a lot of crazy shit from people posting their Before & After’s on Instagram…closet mold, neon paint and glitter, crawfish juice – but the one that comes to mind were this dude’s white pony hair Dunks that were soaked in blood!

2 – If you can save a shoe from your youth, something you destroyed as a kid, what would it be? 

Black Nike Flight 89s, my first sneaker I remember wearing.

3 – Why is your solution purple? 

Honestly, it just felt right.

4 – What would be the worst thing to happen if someone accidentally drank your solution? 

I’ve actually tasted it…I DO NOT recommend it haha!  Worst thing? Probably a stomachache.

5 – Any substance you were actually surprised your cleaner helped clean off a sneaker? 

I was eating a LA Danger Dog (bacon-wrapped hot dog) and a huge glob of ketchup, mustard, grilled onions, and hot dog/bacon grease landed on my white Flip Jordan 3s.  I thought they were done, but sure enough, good as new!

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