We Found More Photos From That Wedding Kanye And Jimmy Kimmel Were At Together


Last night, Kanye told Jimmy Kimmel that he’s never performed a publicity stunt. He manages to stay on the front page every day simply by being himself. Three things are undeniable: 1. He’s a creative genius 2. He’s genuine 3. People love talking about him.

If you didn’t know, Kanye was on BBC Radio with Zane Lowe for a three part interview where he talked about classism replacing racism in America, the repercussions and perils of capitalist ideology, the frustrations of being an up and coming creative in the elitist world of fashion, and himself. Perhaps understandably, a lot of people couldn’t really appreciate how fucking dope he is for doing that. People were probably turned off by an opinionated, successful, passionate, animated black man being loud on TV.


Jimmy Kimmel was really just doing his job when he made a parody video showing kids reenacting the Zane interview. Kanye and his supporters disagreed vocally on twitter (and, apparently, on the phone). On some all caps twitter shit, to boot.

Turns out Kanye’s known Kimmel for a while–he’s somewhere between an acquaintance and a friend. Kimmel repeatedly brings up a wedding of a mutual friend that they both attended, saying that Kanye was a “nice guy” and treated his family well. He goes on to show us a picture he took of Kanye and his father (above).

We were fascinated by this wedding. Our west coast investigative team managed to track down Kanye and Jimmy’s mutual friend, who agreed to share three more exclusive wedding photos (on the condition he remained anonymous):

We would have given anything to be there. Here’s to good entertainment!

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