Fox News Host Loves Boards Of Canada


One of our favorite music blogs, Consequence of Sound, reported today that seminal Scottish dream-beat duo Boards of Canada got a shoutout on Fox News when Greg Gutfeld, host of Red Eye and panelist on The Five (we have never seen either of those shows either) mentioned that he likes electronica and that the new BoC album Tomorrow’s Harvest is currently bumping on his iPod. For any Boards of Canada fans that feel old hearing that a 49-year-old Fox News host shares your taste in music, remember that if you remember being into them when their last record came out eight years ago, you’re probably pretty old too. That doesn’t make their music any less awesome. In fact, refresh yourself with our 6minLP of Tomorrow’s Harvest below.

What is slightly lame is that Gutfeld actually pissed Canada off pretty bad a little while back for calling them out on withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. The Minister of Defence made him say sorry and everything. We know that Boards of Canada aren’t actually from Canada, but it does kind of make you think. OK, it doesn’t really make you think. Whatever. Check out Consequence of Sound for video of this admission.

Check out more 6minLPs here.

Listen in style, dudes.

The Quilted Plattan Headphones


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