Frank the Butcher Interviews Rosa Acosta About Crooks, Castles, and T.I.T.S.

Sneaker legend Frank The Butcher is back with a brand new Episode of The Butcher’s Block. This time he’s interviewing model/personality Rosa Acosta, Chief from Crooks and Castles, and Jason Markk. Frank talks to Rosa Acosta about how she got her unexpected start in the game and Marek Grubel (founder of T.I.T.S.) talks about the process her on his shirts. He also catches up with Chief about how they never had the H-Town Sneaker Summit or anything like it when they were younger. Jason Markk talks about his sneaker wipes for keeping your sneakers fresh and how he got his own company off the ground. The sneaker economy is bonkers, when you watch these videos from the H-Town Summit, you get a sense of how hardcore the industry really is.

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