Franz Ferdinand’s "Evil Eye" Video Is By The Lady Who Directed "Blurred Lines"

Scottish weird-rockers Franz Ferdinand can get pretty weird when they’re feeling weird, which is weird. Not as weird as this video, though, with it’s gratuitous eyeball porn. We’re calling it porn because it reveals far more of the eyeball than one would normally see when they are, yknow, in someone’s skull. So there’s no actual eyeball love-making here, but this joint is still very much NSFW.

Speaking of NSFW, “Evil Eye” is by the same director who did the shameless controversial video for “Blurred Lines”! Wow. A big thank you/wtf to Diane Martel.

Here are our two favorite eyeball moments from “Evil Eye.”

Floating eye


All these eyeballs made us think of the Keep Watch collection from Mishka. Ball out, yo. 


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