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Freeway, Girl Talk And Waka Flocka Terrorize The Neighborhood In Their New Video For “Tolerated”

In an unlikely collaboration, Philly rap legend Freeway and wild-for-the-night DJ Girl Talk link up for a CRAZY new video for their banger, “Tolerated” off their upcoming EP Broken Ankles. In one of the best music videos we have seen in a while, Free and GT remind us what it’s like to have fun in rap music again while simultaneously kicking a few asses in the process.

Known for being one of the few true spitters left in the game, Freeway switches up his flow and subject matter to coast perfectly over the raucous percussions from Girl Talk, having us pretty curious about how the rest of this Broken Ankles EP (April 8th) is going to sound. For the icing on the cake, Mr. Waka “I’m not good at rappingFlocka Flame comes through for a monster feature, all while feasting on a human arm with a pet vulture by his side. Yeah, you should probably click play now.

We’ve been rocking with Freeway way before he ripping people’s arms off and hooping wit human skulls. Check out our KarmaloopTV premiere for his banger “We Up” and try to keep up with the bars. 

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