BREAKING: Kanye West Ft. Miley Cyrus – Black Skinhead Remix

What a unexpected collaboration.

Numerous sources reported seeing Kanye West and Miley Cyrus leave the VMAs after-party together. Turns out, they ran out to Yeezy’s studio to record a remix of “Black Skinhead.” ┬áIt kind of makes sense that Ye fucks with Miley. They’re both attention-seeking superstars who will do whatever they feel like in order to get the spotlight back on their black asses.

Thanks to our amazing investigative team, we’ve managed to unearth an exclusive sneak preview snippet of the new “Black Skinhead” remix. Stream it below:

If you want to get weird ex-Disney princesses twerking up on your junk, we highly recommend you follow Robin Thicke’s lead and go for that Beetlejuice look. Do it.


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