[FRESH] ODESZA Makes The Best Music For Conquering Sunsets

My Friends Never Die

This is the first time we’ve heard Odesza, and we’re already inspired by the Seattle duo’s song “My Friends Never Die.”  Nostalgic, pitched vocals and a deep, emotional bassline rest under sparkling arpeggios set to a stadium-sized hip hop kick and clap.  Blog hype will surely explode leading up to Odesza’s September 17th EP release following this year’s debut free album. Soundcloud is already buzzing over the sentimental melodies and impeccable production.

Adding to the songs achievement, “My Friends Never Die” has been named the official soundtrack to stock photos of people standing in front of a sunset raising their arms in a V shape and yelling “Love conquers all,” “I’m the king of the world,” or “Life is a beautiful treasure and Odesza rules.”  To truly capture the vibe, hit play and take a look at some of our favorite pictures of people stretching in front of a sunset.







Click here for a free download of “My Friends Never Die” and the appropriately titled album “Summer’s Gone.”

Next time you’re feeling really adventurous and are ready to conquer the Sun God, make sure you are in the proper apparel. 


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