[FRESH] Pusha T Ft. Chris Brown – Sweet Serenade

Lord Willin'.

I’ll be honest, I was a little worried when I saw that Pusha had Chris Brown on this track. Pusha’s been one of my favorite MCs for a while, whereas I see Chris as that simultaneously violent and whiny brother-in-law who everyone hates to see at family reunions. They made it work, though.

The hook on this track is weak. Whoever mixed it somehow managed to make Brown sound even more petulant than he naturally is. His voice hurts the ears.

Pusha’s verses are amazing, though. Mad slick. His onomotopeia (GRRRAH!) is always so on point.

The beat (produced by Swizz Beatz) is just ill enough to make this song a banger that is sure to be bumpin’ throughout the hood for the next few moths.

Peep the interview our buddy Frank the Butcher did with Pusha last month:

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