Now You Know: TastyTreat – You Got Me [NEW MUSIC]

A wonderful consequence of the digital revolution is that we now live in a culture of insane amounts of creative talent. Unfortunately, it can be hard to keep up.  Now You Know is our way of bringing you the best electronic music that may have missed your radar.

TastyTreat is a relatively unknown electronic music duo from California made up of John Smith and Devin Hardy, who specialize in a futuristic, experimental brand of music that’s uniquely theirs.

Their new track “You Got Me” features broken, arpeggiated piano chords over stuttering drums and soulful vocals samples. The chord progressions are jazzy and smooth, but the drums and effects have a strong house / future-beats influence. By the time the huge, reverb-ed out synths kick in towards the end of the track, they’ve already taken you a hell of a ride, across multiple aural palates and time signatures.

These guys obviously have a strong grasp on music production tools and musical language in general–we foresee big things for them! Click here to download the song for free.

Add some tasty pieces to your wardrobe. 


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