FRESH: We’re Going Retro And Carrying Film Cameras On Karmaloop

Every day, Karmaloop gets a shit-ton of shockingly fly new products. It can be hard to keep up. FRESH is our way of helping y’all stay up to date on what we carry. This week: Lomography.

There’s a special feeling you get from Instagram every once in a while. You tap that one filter and the once uninspired photo you took of your overweight cat suddenly looks like something straight out of GQ. You ask yourself: Did I take that? Am I the greatest photographer that has ever walked the earth and I didn’t even realize it? Did I take this picture with an antique $10,000 camera in 1970? AM I GOD?!

But this is rare. As spiffy as our modern tools are, an iPhone camera is still just that: a little digital camera on a phone. No one’s going to see your InstaPic and be dazzled by the breath-taking vignette effect–we all have access to the same filters.

So how do you blow away all your friends with your photography chops? Step 1: get a dope camera.

Lomography is a company that was founded in 1990 by a group of Austrian students who realized that the most vivid, striking photos were often captured by vintage cameras. Fast forward 23 years and they’re now an international organization, selling some of the most interesting high-quality cameras in the market. These cameras are perfect for people interested in creative design, experimental photography, or just awesome-looking gadgets.

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The surprising thing about these? The price. It’s hard to believe that these amazing photographs were captured by affordable film cameras. The details, the texture, the light, the composition… simply impossible to replicate with a digital camera.

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Purchase any one of these bad boys and you’re guaranteed to have your entire online following scratching their heads and swiping through filters wondering… how the fuck did they do that?

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