G-Shock Is Tired Of Regular Camo. Watch What They Did Instead!


Did you really think camo was dead? G-Shock forces us to think again with their latest Zebra Camo series, featuring their classic DW-6900 in all it’s glory. What we love about this is that it’s not exactly camo, but a wavy zebra print that is still hard to find in streetwear.

Throw this on your wrist to set yourself apart from any regular watch wearers this summer and if you’re really up to the challenge, cop different colors so you can coordinate with your outfits. Scroll through and find the one or treat them like Pokemon and catch ’em all.Karmaloop_Guru_Shop_BrandCasio-G-Shock-DW-6900ZB-Watch-Zebra-Camo-Series-02Casio-G-Shock-DW-6900ZB-Watch-Zebra-Camo-Series-03Casio-G-Shock-DW-6900ZB-Watch-Zebra-Camo-Series-04

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