Get Denim’ed Out The Right Way [STYLE GUIDE]


Regardless of where you live, having a couple denim jackets on deck for the winter is essential. These pieces give a great option to wear standalone, layer under a heavy jacket or accessorize when indoors. The genius of denim jackets lay in the wash and detailing, as the color and small nuances can determine the direction of your entire outfit.

There are a lot of denim jackets on Karmaloop, but we only wanted to hit you with the freshest ones for the holiday season. Throw on one of these before your next date. Just trust us.

1. Naked & Famous Black Stretch Denim Jacket

A rare black denim wash makes this jacket an eye catcher for sure. Layer this with crewneck sweaters, light colored t-shirts or henleys. Try to avoid wearing this with jeans because it will look like an awkward Canadian tuxedo in the worst way.



2. 10Deep Light Repair Denim JacketĀ 

A classic, all-American denim jacket that should be a part of every supposedly “stylish” persons wardrobe. The light wash on this one allows you to pair it with darker denim jeans, or ideally some tan colored khakis or chinos.


3. Nudie Jeans Indigo Stitch JacketĀ 

This is the Rolex of all denim jackets. Highlighted by a premium washed denim, detailed stitching and gold buttons, this will look good with nearly anything. Pair it with a simple all white t-shirt for a James Dean feel, or dress it up with v-neck sweater for a preppier look.




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