Get Your Money Right Before The Government Shuts Down [STYLE GUIDE]


While you were playing GTA V last night, the United States federal government shut down. Bitterly divided over issues such as Obamacare, rap music, and Dominos vs. Papa Johns, Republicans and Democrats failed to reach an agreement on how to fund federal agencies.

Now, if you’re wondering how this is going to affect the average person, it really depends. If you happen to work for the federal government, you’re pretty much screwed. Unless, of course, you’re a senator. In which case, why are you reading this? If you live in Washington, D.C., there are rumors that if the shutdown carries on for too long, garbage collection and other city services may stop completely. Within a week or two, our nation’s capital will invariably resemble NYC in I Am Legend. For the rest of us, trying to get a passport or visit a national park may be nearly impossible very soon.

A long story short, a government shutdown isn’t good for any of us. If there was ever a time to try to get your money right, it is now. Since we’re all still working and getting paid at GURU (sorry, NASA employees), we took the time to look through Karmaloop and find some fly, money-getting attire for y’all. Check these out below and get your stacks stacked before our government disappears and the zombies take over.

1. Rocksmith – New Money Crewneck Sweatshirt

What’s that smell? Oh, thats just new money. Rocksmith brings us this clean, retro inspired crewneck just in time for the fall. Throw this with some raw denim jeans and get on yo’ grind.

New Money

2. MissKL – Money Hologram Sunglasses

Do you have your mind on the money, and the money on your mind? Well, then you need these crispy MissKL shades in your life.


3. Sprayground – Money Stacks Duffle Bag

Life is short, so why be subtle? If you’re getting money, make it known with this bag from Sprayground. Just be careful about walking through certain neighborhoods with bag on at night.

4. Classy Brand – Money Over Pussycats

Money over pussy…cats? Throw this snapback on and let everyone know your intentions. The camo brim makes this a good piece to pair with some similarly printed pants or crewnecks. Make it happen.

If you’re not letting the government shutdown affect your wallet, check out our past Style Guides and get fresh: HERE


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