Get That White G-Shock From Eminem’s New "Bezerk" Music Video

Rick Rubin’s distinct, rocked out production for “Berzerk,” the lead single off Eminem’s upcoming sequel to Marshall Mathers LP, permeates the concept of the track’s video. Alongside boomboxes and recreations of classic Beastie Boys videos, Rubin himself appears stone-faced next to Em as he tears through some of his tightest lyrics in ages. Scratching makes a return, and there are cameos by Kendrick Lamar and Kid Rock, two men sitting on the opposite ends of the hip hop relevancy spectrum. It’s hard to deny the video is pretty damn ill, despite a couple of weird choices… except for one that we can’t argue with. Nice watch, Em!

Can you stop the G Shock?

As it happens, you can buy that white G-Shock on Karmaloop


All this reminded us of the time Bollywood Hogan went to a G-Shock event where Eminem was performing. The Hoagster managed to weird out all the skaters, it was awesome. 

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