Get Toasty With The Right Scarves For The Winter [STYLE GUIDE]

We know. You don’t know how to wear a scarf. You think they’re too feminine. Last time you tried to put one on, you looked like you were a part of the Klan. Well, it’s time to move past all that. Scarves are an essential part of any fall/winter wardrobe, as they provide a versatile, discreet way to keep warm while adding a little edge to your outfit.

The first thing when choosing a scarf is figuring out the look you want. Heavier, woolen scarves are good for the winter months and they are generally shorter in length, leading to a more bunched-up look. Then there are cotton scarves, which are longer, printed and meant to be worn a little longer. Recently, neckwraps/bandanna scarves have emerged on the streetwear scene and provide an interesting alternative to those who refuse to get anywhere near a traditional scarf.

1. Obey – Healer Scarf

Paisley print is definitely still poppin’ and Obey does it hella well. This is a shorter, 100% cotton scarf, so think more fall than winter. A great compliment to any outfit consisting of some red sneakers.

2. Insight – Spalding Scarf

This wool joint is definitely more for January than October. The simple, knitted look makes it meant to be worn with a peacoat or toggle coat.

3. BMC – The Suspense Scarf

This “infinity” scarf is different from anything else in this guide because it is in one, donut-shaped piece. This means you can throw it on, and not have to worry about adjusting or styling it, making life easier for all.

4. NEFF – The Camo Mask

This neckwrap model from NEFF is genius. A simple, one piece wrap that you can affix over your face and neck that will shield from you bitter winds and haters at the same time.

5. Mishka – Safari Scarf 

Mishka brings out the guns with this leopard print joint. The tasseled ends give it a little Ron Burgundy flavor, so make sure that you are ready for what comes with that (hint: women) if you purchase it.  A great piece to pair with some chambray.

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