Wild Style. The Dopest Leopard Print Items You Need In Your Wardrobe [STYLE GUIDE]

Are you one of those people who thinks leopard print is too much? You probably also love “original” flavored oatmeal and don’t know how to use Twitter. One of the biggest things about fashion is thinking outside the traditional conventions and breaking a few rules every now and then. Animal prints aren’t for everybody–especially dudes–but pay a little attention and you might learn something.

The key to wearing anything with heavy prints is not over doing it. All over print is the darling of the streetwear industry right now, but too often we see cats overdosing on the concept. Subtlety is the key to a crispy wardrobe, so when wearing a heavy printed item, make sure to contrast it with something solid or not as busy. We snooped around and found the dopest leopard print for your wardrobe, so check these out and get your animal on.

 1. Obey – Invader Buttondown Shirt

It doesn’t get much cleaner than this. Subtle, earth tonal colors make this buttondown from Obey a great compliment to some dark denim or fall boots.

2. Vans – Sk8-Hi in Black Leopard Sneaker

Vans is rarely off the mark, and a touch of leopard print on these primarily black Sk8-His puts them in the #rare category. Good enough to skate, chill and hit the last party on campus in.

3. Entree Washed Green 5 Panel Cap

Entree LS has been on our radar for a while now–this kelly green hat is the perfect compliment for some matching kicks. The low-profile fit on this cap will assure that it doesn’t look like a UPS package sitting on your domepiece.

4.  Born Fly – Twill Leopard Pant

Mix leopard print with camo and you get greatness. Born Fly hits us with a 100% cotton pant with drawstring ankles and an elastic waistband. These aren’t sweatpants but will feel comfortable enough that you won’t know the difference.

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