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Get Your Thrift Together: 5 Steps to a Successful Thrift Shop Experience

No two people are alike. Just ask any set of identical twins how they feel about that. We all have a unique story to tell; style is one way to present that. It’s cool to shop for staple items at the big box stores, but when you need to add a little flavor to your wardrobe, you gotta put in work. Thrifting is the best option to find unique, non-mainstream items to show the world who you really are.

The art of thrifting has been around way before cats like Macklemore existed. There’s a certain amount of finesse and skill required to pull off a successful thrift run. Next time, instead of feeling overwhelmed by the small, dusty store you pass every day, read this guide and walk in with a little confidence. You got this.

  1. Be adventurous, and walk in:
    You can’t win if you don’t play the game. Plus, all those people walking out with unmarked bags can’t be crazy. There might something to this.
  2. Have patience:
    Without a little patience you will quickly find yourself dazed and confused, jumping from aisle to aisle, looking like a sucker. Don’t be mistaken, thrifting is a battle against your instincts for ease and convenience, but with that comes high rewards. Don’t fade yourself early in the game by being impatient.
  3. Prioritize:
    Every trip should have a purpose. Whether you need a new pair of wayfarers, or a fishing vest for the upcoming weekend, your plan should be to acquire these items first. Without a focus, you will find yourself walking out of the store with an ill-purchased mohair coat in the middle of July.
  4. Go with your gut:
    If something speaks to you, then grab it. You know what you like. It caught your attention for a reason, and you shouldn’t ignore that.
  5. It won’t be there next time:
    This isn’t Macy’s, bruh. Thrift stores rarely carry multiples of anything, so keep that in mind. The regret of knowing you could’ve had an ill addition to your wardrobe is never fun to deal with it. Remember, if you like it, chances are someone else will too.


How rare is this autographed Run DMC sweatshirt?


by @alivegreenst

P.S. It never hurts to make friends with the staff after a visit or two. This will help you get exposed to newly acquired stock and maybe even catch a deal. Oh, and wash what you bought before wearing it. Just saying.

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