The 3 Sneakers That Complex Mag Missed On Their Top 20 List


We’re all about giving credit where it is due. With that being said, we had to clap it up for Complex and their recent “20 Sneakers You Should Check Out On Karmaloop” post. The guys over at ‘Plex definitely did their research and amassed an extensive list, covering everything from the Reebok Keith Harings, The Radii Straight Jackets, to the New Balance 574s.

However, when you spend as much time on Karmaloop as we do, you can’t help but notice a few oversights. We took a little time, searched through a few e-bins of sneakers and found the diamonds in the rough that they missed.

So, Complex, we’re gonna let you finish but here are our 3 Sneakers That Complex Mag Missed On Their Top 20 List.

21. Gourmet Footwear – 35 Lite LX in White Snake

How could they miss these? A snakeskin trainer from Gourmet with intricate detail, high quality leather and fleece lining has to be on everybody’s list of crispy sneaker finds. Get right.

22. Adidas RH Instinct Sneaker

Adidas always bring the right attitude, and these joints are no exception. Distinctive colors, an innovative lacing system and speckled color patterns make these kicks a rare find.

23. Diamond Supply РThe General Issue 

Don’t ever let rain dampen your day again. Diamond brings us an interesting fusion shoe, combining sneaker, chukka and boot into one piece. The metal eyelets at the top add an element of ruggedness to it, making it a perfect choice for the fall.



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