[GIF NOTES] Please Tell Us WTF Is Going On In This Eric Andre x Chance The Rapper x Questlove Video

The Eric André Show is Adult Swim’s newest foray into hilarious live-action entertainment. Inspired by the classic Tim and Eric style, the show is an intense, unpredictable exploration of fucking weirdness. Chock-full of non sequiturs, bizarre dialogue, and wacko set designs, WTF doesn’t come close to describing the epic strangeness of these skits. One of our current favorites, Chance the Rapper, joined Questlove for a skit last night, and we’re not really sure what happened or what it all meant. Probably something profound. Let’s review:

Eric André is interviewing Chance, who is chilling in a giant coffee cup full of coffee, seemingly unaware that he is in a giant coffee cup full of coffee. Chance hooks André up with a refill mid-interview.


The interview begins to go horribly far south, and André starts maniacally massaging his head:


Then, a familiar site: Questlove as the drummer of a late night talk-show band. He taps his mustachioed bandmate on the shoulder and refers to himself in the third-person, stating the obvious, “Questlove is in the house.”


The music gets menacing, and everyone is laughs uproariously, insisting that Questlove is not, in fact, in the house. Huh?


Shit gets real weird when the saxophone player tells Questlove he is his father. Quick zoom-in to Quest. End scene.


If ANY of you know WTF this ridiculous video is actually about, please let us know on twitter @guruxmag.

Get strange with the Core Weird Guy Jeans from Naked & Famous:


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